Alcorn & Benton: The legacy of a San Diego family

Originally printed in the La Jolla Light, March 2019, updated January 2021 The story behind how three generations of Benton men dedicated their careers to engineering and architecture has its roots in farming. “My grandfather was a tenant farmer and rancher in San Diego and other areas of California,” Paul Benton recalled. “When my dad [...]


Alcorn & Benton Architects: A lifetime of building community

Originally published in the La Jolla Light, December 2018 Jim Alcorn and Paul Benton have touched the lives of millions of San Diegans during the span of their careers, yet most do not know them by name. Both are the hands behind countless projects in and around San Diego and La Jolla since the [...]


Historic Restoration Blends Modern Technique, Art and Culture from California’s Past

For decades, Southern California has beckoned innovative thinkers and encouraged experimentation in all things creative, from fine art and film to fashion, architecture, food and design. In 2011, the Pacific Standard Time festival — a sweeping exhibition running along the coast from San Diego to Los Angeles to Santa Barbara — told the story of California’s artists and [...]


California Hillside Development: Converting Challenge Into Creative Opportunity

Alongside the great beauty, temperate weather and ocean breeze associated with coastal California living, earthquakes and landslides are an unfortunate and oftentimes fearful reality. While instances of destruction are rare, occasional catastrophes — such as the 2007 landslide that destroyed a Mount Soledad home and, according to the Union Tribune, continued to impact the local community [...]


Going Green: Three of the Coolest Sustainable Buildings in California

We’ve heard the term “sustainable” but what does it mean when it comes to architecture? A green building — or sustainable building — is an energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly residential or commercial space. Sustainable architecture is important because it serves as the future of community growth and ensures the well-being of our environment as well. From [...]

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